Report a slip

In the event of an imminent or actual landslip where lives are in danger or a road is blocked, evacuate, warn your neighbours, then dial 111.

Do not try to cross the slip debris as it often contains voids, dangerous materials and other hazards. Trying to stop or dig out the landslide can quickly make it worse, so get expert advice before trying to intervene.

You will then need report the details of the slip to the relevant bodies. These are: 

  • For landslides on private land, the landowner (or if you are the landowner, your insurance company)
  • For landslides that might affect roads, railways or public land, contact your local authority. You will also need to manually inform the relevant landowners, road operators or local authority, as not all will actively monitor the slip reporting tool. You can find the contact number for your local council here.

For the current event in Auckland:

You can make things easier for the report by also submitting it on the form below, but it is important that you also make the phone call as this online form does not result in an immediate response:

You can find out about known landslides on the GNS landslide database, but please note that this isn’t complete.