Significant amounts of data are being collected as part of the response to Cyclone Gabrielle. Sharing this can significantly improve our ability to quickly recover. If you have any data (e.g. LiDAR, aerial photography etc) that would be useful to engineers and geologists assessing risks, insurers, asset owners etc please contact us and we’ll try and find a way to share it.

Please note that in the interests of timely sharing we’re not doing internal quality assurance checks on this – please check it’s suitable for your intended purpose.

Non-location specific

No generic data is available yet on this site


Using LAS files. If the LAS files are too large, this advice from Harry Follas may be useful:

Use a program called Lasmerge.exe to split the file (name is a bit counter-intuitive  because it can also split LAS or LAZ LiDAR files!)  some information about it is here

The standalone *.exe file is not that easy to find, however it can be downloaded here… Its a simple DOS like program, I have found that be putting both the exe and the LiDAR file into the directory you wish to create the new split files works best.