Kohimarama landslide: Cliff declared safe, residents can return once mud-stricken apartments declared habitable


Residents of an Auckland apartment block struck by a landslide this week have been told the cliff behind their homes poses “no imminent risk”.

San Remo Apartments resident Craig Jones received the good news from Auckland Council this afternoon.

He and the occupants of other affected apartments in the suburb of Kohimarama were told they could move back in once their apartments were deemed habitable.

Waist-deep mud poured through several of the building’s 11 apartments when torrential rain pummelled Auckland on Tuesday evening.

Residents of six front apartments were not affected and had already returned home, but those living in five rear apartments have been in limbo.

Jones, 45, was home today removing personal property and said several truckloads of mud had also been dug out of the apartments.

There had been fears residents may have to wait years to return, amid concerns work might need to be done to the cliff, Jones said.

“At least now we won’t be held up, so that’s good news.”

His apartment had been “gutted” and the inside would need to be cleaned, but he hope to move back in this year.

Despite the disruption, he was philosophical.

“We are all alive, so that’s the main thing. You’ve just got to roll your sleeves up and get on with it.”

And three days after the torrent of mud smashed into his home, knocking him from his feet, Jones remained in awe of the emergency services who came to residents’ aid.

“We just want to say thank you for their commitment and professionalism on the night.”

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