Slip filmed near Musick Point, Auckland

A sudden collapse of a 10-metre cliff has swallowed a backyard in East Auckland.

Real estate agent Ben Dellabarca and his flat mate were walking his dogs long Eastern Beach around midday on Sunday when the pair noticed rocks coming off the rock face.

All of a sudden a massive hunk of dirt, debris, trees and what seemed to be a retaining wall fell away, crashing onto the beach below.

“The dogs were under it only a minute before it fell,” Dellabarca said.

A slab of decking survived on the Clovelly Road property, hanging precariously at the top of the cliff with nothing beneath it.

Dellabarca, who captured the moment the cliff collapsed on video, estimated it to be about 10-15 metres tall.

He said he tried contacting the owners of the house above but they weren’t home.

Auckland Council geotechnical engineer Ross Roberts said the slip happened in an area of known instability.

“We will be investigating tomorrow.”

On Monday morning, Auckland councillors for Howick, Sharon Stewart and Dick Quax, first inspected the damage from the beach below the slip, before visiting the property from its Clovelly Road entrance.

– Stuff

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