Clovelly Road slip

The discovery of more cliff movement at Bucklands Beach in east Auckland, has prompted the Manukau City Council to warn people to stay away because of the danger.

The council issued the warning for foreshore area of Eastern Beach, after land movement at 116 Clovelly Road caused an extension to separate from the main building.

Clovelly Rd first made the news last September, when former Manukau mayor Sir Barry Curtis said he had lost his home because of the volatile landslip.

Residents of five homes on three sections of land were evacuated due to the severe land subsidence towards a cliff face.

This week, preliminary observations showed the lawn area at 116 had dropped more than a metre since Monday. The driveway had also cracked and dropped along the fault line.

Police have secured the area, and there are major concerns about people taking photos from the beach front, within the danger zone.

Carole Todd, group manager environmental operations, said the partial building collapse, along with the increased land movement, showed there was still significant danger.

“It’s important that people stay away from the foreshore area of Eastern Beach. People wandering in this area put their lives at risk,” Ms Todd said.

“Boaties should also stay away from the area – this is not a safe place to be, there is too much uncertainty around when this might fall.

“That there has been this type of movement in the past few days could indicate that we might be seeing some major land slip to the beach.

“Our geo-technical advisers will be inspecting the area soon and this will give us a better indication of what the land movement is and how it might affect these properties.

“I cannot emphasise enough that people must stay away. We have engaged security staff, there are signs on the foreshore and on the fence – it’s imperative that people pay heed.”

This is not the first time cracks have appeared on properties in Clovelly Road.

New cracks were observed in September 2008 in rocks toward the foreshore area below 116 and 118 Clovelly Road. Residents from 114 to 120 Clovelly Rd as well as seaward units at 122 and 124 were evacuated after geotechnical advisers said that when the cliff face did fall, the slip could come close to these dwellings.

Parts of the ground had slumped about two metres, with some trees fallen part-way down the cliff, and one to the foreshore.